Warren Access is proud of all of their work with Foundation Futures, a not-for-profit community interest company working to support young people in North East England. Through work with local businesses, community and third-party organisations, Foundation Futures help struggling young people discover their talents and find their way in life. It’s a real pleasure for Warren Access to be one of those companies and to open up their depot doors to young people looking for experience, work opportunities and to learn all about the work at height industry.

Warren Access said they don’t always get to find out what happens once they leave them though, so it was lovely to receive a video about some of the people on their 2019 Building Foundations programme – view it here.

Warren Access also received these kind words from Foundation Futures about how their contribution has helped:

It is thanks to you we were able to deliver some of these activities which have broadened their horizons, built trust and teamwork and also developed their CVs and soft skills for work … Your support has enabled us to support a number of different activities they would not otherwise have access to. Not only are these activities educational and help build confidence, self-esteem and resilience; they also bring joy.”

For more information visit www.warrenaccess.co.uk or www.foundationfutures.org.uk

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