Star Platforms provides low level platforms to data centre construction in Farnborough, Hampshire.

UK powered access rental company, Star Platforms, provided Skyjack SJ16 and JLG Power Tower and Nano low level platforms to the construction site to complete internal installation works.

Low level platforms provide a quick and safe method of working at height on modern interior builds. The customer on this project had finished the main construction build and required low level powered access to install fixtures and fittings and complete electrical work.

The Skyjack SJ16 self-propelled electric lift offers a 6.75m working height so operators could reach the higher ceiling fittings in the larger server rooms and fit the electrical cabling. The SJ16 mast lift also offers a small footprint of 1.37m x 0.77m meaning the operators could easily manoeuvre around obstacles and materials on the ground.

For other areas of the build the customers used the Power Tower, as it offers a suitable working height of 5.10m and a width of 0.78m which enabled operators to navigate through doorways in the building layout. The Power Tower also offers a generous platform size of 1.52m x 0.75m, providing more room for tools and materials.

Also used on this project was the 4.5m working height Nano push around lift. The Nano is even more compact and ideal for tight spaces. The platform is just 0.75m wide and offers a generous lifting capacity of 200kg.

All machines come with non-marking tyres – a necessity when projects near completion and flooring has been laid.

Richard Stok, Business Development Manager, Star Platforms, commented: “We’ve seen a big increase in the use of our low level platforms as the industry moves away from ladders and towers and chooses safer and more efficient options. We have a lot of customers hiring low level equipment such as our SJ16, Power Tower and Nano platforms on projects nearing completion, due to the speed and efficiency they offer.”

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