Introducing our Internal Trainee IPAF Instructor!

Mr Plant is excited to share a transformational milestone that shows our commitment to progress, diversity, and equality.

Earlier this month, they embarked on an exciting new venture – the Internal IPAF Instructor training
scheme. Endorsed by the IPAF, this program enables Mr Plant to nurture talent from within and address the industry’s pressing shortage of skilled instructors.

Leading the change is Karolina. Her journey begins with a 7-week intensive training program, the
start of an exhilarating path to becoming a certified IPAF instructor. This initiative isn’t just a first
for Mr Plant – it’s a new approach that IPAF is instigating for the first time.

An added feature that sets Karolina apart is her fluency in two languages: English and Polish. Her
linguistic prowess not only facilitates efficient communication but also extends a warm welcome to
trainees who benefit from a more inclusive learning environment.

Senior Training Co-ordinator Lisa Bunton welcomes Karolina at our Edmonton training centre

The construction industry has traditionally been a male-dominated arena, and Karolina’s presence
marks their dedication to promoting equality. Her story serves as an inspirational beacon for
anyone aspiring to thrive in a rapidly transforming industry.

The scarcity of skilled construction instructors is a challenge we’re tackling head-on. By pioneering
this training endeavour, they are taking significant strides toward self-sufficiency while contributing to
the industry-wide mission of bridging the skills gap.

Keep up with Karolina’s progress by following us on social media @mrplanthire

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