“At One Up Access, we have always been committed to innovation and progress in the field of heavy
equipment rental and access solutions. Our vision is not just about providing top-tier equipment but
also about ensuring a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to our operations. As
the world grapples with the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, we
recognize our role in contributing to a greener future. Up to this point we are operating with a fleet
that consists of 59% Bi-fuel and electric machines” – Josh Truman, Operations Director, 1 Up Access.

They believe in leading by example, which is why they have made significant strides in transitioning
towards a more sustainable future. Their most noteworthy initiative in this regard is their heavy
investment in Bi-fuel and electric equipment. This forward-thinking approach represents a crucial
shift in their operations, underlining their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and
mitigating the environmental impact of their services.

Bi-Fuel Solutions

Bi-fuel equipment stands at the forefront of their commitment to sustainability. This approach not
only minimizes the environmental impact of their equipment but also offers operational advantages,
such as reduced fuel costs and increased efficiency. They believe that Bi-fuel equipment is a pivotal
step towards striking the right balance between productivity and environmental responsibility.

Electrifying the Future: Zero-Emission Equipment

Their investment in electric equipment represents the pinnacle of their commitment to a greener
future. Electric machinery produces zero tailpipe emissions, thus significantly reducing air pollution
and greenhouse gas emissions. By offering an expanding fleet of electric equipment, they enable
their customers to undertake projects with minimal environmental impact. No matter whether it’s
electric scissor lifts or electric booms, they are proud to provide cutting-edge solutions that not only
meet but exceed the sustainability expectations of their clients.

They understand that sustainability is a collective effort. That’s why they actively engage with their
clients, partners, and communities to promote eco-friendly practices. Together, they can drive the
industry towards a greener, more sustainable future.

For more information visit www.1upaccess.co.uk

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