Due to the construction industry being so dynamic, the industry requirements for access equipment are vast and constantly changing, due to this having access to industry-leading equipment is a must. Through maintaining their fleet with the best equipment on the market, 1 Up Access’ customers are guaranteed to get the best and safest equipment available.

“Through the continued investment in the newest industry-leading equipment, we aim to replace our outdated equipment with top-quality equipment that is not only more reliable but safer for our customers “– Josh Truman, Operations Director, 1 Up Access

Here are just a few of the different pieces of powered access that they have taken delivery of throughout 2023:

Genie Z60-Fe’s

Earlier this year 1 Up Access took delivery of 5 brand new Z60-FE booms. These hybrid booms are operated by a fully electric drivetrain, making it suitable for indoor tasks that require a large reach and outdoor tasks on low-emission sites.

To find out more about 1 Up Access’s Z60 FE’s click HERE to visit their post.

Dingli JCPT2814DC’s

1 Up Access has been running two of these 28-metre narrow electric scissors since they took delivery in early January, they have proved to be a customer favourite for companies that do high-level electric, racking, maintenance and fit-outs. The 2814DC offers a 28-metre working height whilst maintaining a narrow width of only 1.4 metres making it suitable for racking work.

Click HERE to see 1 Up Access’ tall and narrow range of super scissors

Dingli JCPT1712DC

In June 1 Up Access added 3 of these impressive machines to their fleet, the 1712DC joins their fleet as the modern alternative to the outdated JLG Liftlux 153–12. The 1712 has a SWL of 500kg that is maintained on its 1.2 metre extension deck making it a versatile tool for any site.

To find out more about 1 Up Access’ three new Dingli JCPT1712DC’s click HERE

Dingli JCPT2223DC

After running Dingli’s Diesel jcpt2223rt’s for a while and realising that they were a customer favourite, 1 Up decided to add two of the pure electric equivalents to the fleet in late 2022. The pure electric jcpt2223dc’s were impressing customers so much that 1 Up Access added four more in early 2023. 1 Up Access also runs the narrow variant of this machine which offers the same SWL and height whilst only being 1.2 metres wide.

To see more about 1 Up Access’ es72s click HERE

Genie Z45-FE

The Z45 FE is Genie’s next-generation hybrid articulating boom lift is a two-in-one machine that is the best, most eco-friendly choice for greater productivity and reduced operating costs. With just one battery charge, it can operate in “all-electric” mode for an entire workday without emitting any pollutants. With just one tank of diesel, it can run for a week in “hybrid” mode.

To see the specifications of this machine or to see what other pure electric and bi-energy booms 1 Up Access has to offer, click HERE

Dingli BA28HRT

1 Up Access took delivery of two BA28HRT booms to work along side of their fleet of Niftylift hr28’s. the BA28HRT is Dingli’s answer to a 28-metre hybrid boom. The pure electric drivetrain paired with the tier 4 range extending diesel engine makes the BA28HRT a versatile tool.

To find out more about 1 Up Access’ BA28HRT’s visit their website post HERE

Genie Z30/20N

The Genie 30/20 N electric articulating boom lift is a quiet emission-free, cost-effective solution suited for delicate, congested, and urban work settings thanks to its new-generation AC power system. Operators can easily work near buildings or around obstructions, drive through normal entrances with this small Genie model, and reach overhead work from aisles or other tight spaces.

Dingli BA16CHRT

This 16-meter hybrid boom is a customer favourite due to its reliability and ease of use. The BA16CHRT is as versatile as they come thanks to its rough terrain non-marking tyres and pure electric drive. The machine can seamlessly transition from rough terrain environments to indoor spaces, thanks to this, it can be used from start to finish on most construction projects.

To find out more about 1 Up Access’ four new Dingli BA16CHRT’s click HERE

Dingli BT44RT

In July 1 Up Access took delivery of the first Dingli BT44RT in the UK, the 44metre telescopic boom takes the throne as the largest boom that 11 up access runs. The unique design of the boom makes for an operating experience like no other. The 44-metre boom still maintains a massive 454kg S.W.L at 44 metres making it truly unrivalled in its sector.

Click HERE to view 1 Up Access’ post about taking delivery

Dingli JCPT1218DC

1 Up Access added a further three of these powerful pure electric rough terrain scissor lifts to their fleet in January. The JCPT1218DC is a pure electric equivalent to the SJ68/32. With non-marking rough terrain tyres this machine can be utilized both indoors and outdoors.

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What’s to come?

2023’s additions have not finished just yet however, 1 Up Access is expecting a host of other new machines including,

At 1 Up Access, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enable our customers to reach new heights of productivity and safety, we believe that everyone within the construction industry should feel safe doing their jobs therefore through our consistent investments in new equipment we are providing our customers with the safest industry-leading equipment for the same price as the subpar equipment that other hire companies run.

Along with the numerous expansions to our hire fleet, we are also expanding our fleet of in-house transport, this ensures that we can stick to delivery times ensuring that our customers get their equipment for when they need it.

To see what other equipment 1 Up Access has available and to see how they can assist your projects, why not visit their website today by clicking HERE.

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